About Soul Sisters

We are two gals who joke that we were destined to work together. Lacey was almost hired to work with Jenna, but it didn’t pan out. Then, one day, two weeks into Lacey’s new job elsewhere, in walked Jenna. Birds of a feather… Once we discovered a mutual passion for baking, the deal was sealed. We tinkered for a while, but eventually we decided we needed to be true to our passion, and so here we are, aspiring to make the tastiest goodies around, each one full of soul.


Jenna for website

Jenna has a pretty varied background. She may have a degree in history, but baking has always really beckoned to her. Her true passion is pies. Fruity, nutty, rustic, fusion, traditional. You name it. Having grown up on a farm with a big, hardworking family, she is a dedicated woman who loves enveloping endless combinations of fillings in light, flaky, golden brown pastry. She draws her culinary inspiration largely from Ina Garten.

Jenna came to Bellingham from California. She moved here for college, and fell in love with the City of Subdued Excitement and its wacky-but-lovable residents. In addition to baking, she enjoys cooking, gardening, bowling, and cuddling with (and surfing Instagram for) all things canine.


IMG_2155 (2) Originally from the Seattle area, just like Jenna, Lacey moved to Bellingham for college in 2006, married her wonderful husband Sam, and never looked back. She has had a quite a few jobs, but none has really spoken her like baking. Having gone gluten-free for several years, Lacey mastered baking for that restriction since she couldn’t seem to find anything that really satisfied her pre-gluten-free cravings. In addition to traditional goodies, she is looking forward to sharing quality gluten-free (and other allergen-free) treats with people in her community hungry for desserts that don’t sacrifice taste for the sake of making “free” versions of otherwise delicious goods. She is most inspired by Julia Child and Jacques Pepin.

In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, amateur competitive bowling, drawing, and talking about her amazing baby to anyone who will listen.